Election Fiasco Should Cost Officials Their Jobs

Courtesy of Grabien and ABC

This kind if election fiasco is not an isolated incident. This has happened before and it will happen again.

So why have these people who are overseeing the process not being held accountable when things go awry!?

Take Florida for example when it comes to this nonsense.

The Hanging Chad incident in the 2000 Presidential Election should have been enough for Florida to get their act together.

However they have proven that keeping Brenda Snipes in her office is something they have no problem doing. She has been in this office since 2003!

In Arizona Adrian Fontes has now had back-to-back elections riddled with inaccuracies and mistakes without being held accountable.

It is time for someone to do something about these kinds of actions when they take place.

We all make mistakes and we all know it is human nature.

But when it happens repeatedly and without any repercussions it shows that the system MUST be changed and that the Democrats cannot be allowed to get away with their treachery! 

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