MSNBC & CNN Love Martha McSally Because She Lost

From The MRC

Are you a Republican candidate? Want to win lavish praise from the liberal media? Easy! Get into a cliff-hanging election result, and instead of fighting it out, concede gracefully to your Dem opponent.


As you'll see in the video clip, MSNBC's Morning Joe and CNN's New Day offered a perfect illustration of the phenomenon today. Both shows heaped praise on Republican Martha McSally for quickly and "gracefully" conceding to Dem Kyrsten Sinema in their Senate race in Arizona. In contrast, the two shows castigated Republican Rick Scott for fighting it out in Florida. 

What does this tell you about Martha McSally? Well, it tells you that she is a clone of John McCain. I prefer a candidate that would fight to the very end to save the state from a Socialist who has shown contempt for the very people she has served. McSally is playing the long game, she's not in it for the people. Arizona just dodged a bullet, IF Gov. Ducey doesn't make the awesome mistake of appointing Martha McSally to McCain’s old seat. 

When the mainstream media and the local lefty reporters praise a Republican for losing then calls on her to be appointed, Gov. Ducey bar the door!

Let the McCain machine die. Let's make Arizona Great Again!

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