WATCH: Acosta Has A History Of Misbehavior

Courtesy of Grabien and NewsBusters

Want to see how bad Jim Acosta really is? The video above shows numerous occasions where he has been rude, disrespectful and unprofessional in his conduct during press conferences. 

Whether it is President Donald Trump, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders or anyone else that Acosta or CNN has an issue with, the goal is to attack them with malice, hate and contempt.

The worst part is they don't care how they come across to the country. They still feel as if they are the pillar of truth and their word is gold.

The arrogance of people like this should not stun anyone but more or less show how divided we have become because of people like Jim Acosta.

Will he get his press pass back? Who knows? But his words speak louder than his pleas for fairness in the workplace.

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