WATCH: Illegal Immigrant Fires On Police

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

Want to see proof that illegal immigrants can be dangerous?

The video above is proof that this has been and continues to be a major security and safety issue going forward in the United State of America.

This was a routine stop in Arkansas gone wrong. The illegal immigrant opened fire on an unsuspecting police officer during a traffic stop that could have ended worse than it did.

Is this what open borders will bring?

Is this the future of America filled with criminals trying to get in to enjoy the freedoms of our country while not playing by any of the rules we live by?

Perhaps President Trump was right and that there are criminal elements that the Left chooses not to acknowledge when letting ANYONE into the country.

Do we really want this to be our new reality in this country> Do we really want to look over our shoulders wondering if these kinds of people are out there getting into this country without going through the proper channels and proper vetting? 

Maybe instead of accusing I.C.E. of being like the KKK we should instead let them focus on keeping criminals like this out of the country and make us all safer!

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