Even Mexicans Are Tired Of The Caravans

As the caravan rolled into Tijuana the hordes of illegals were in for the biggest surprise of their journey!  Looks like the citizens of Mexico have no love for the invading army either! 

Ain't that a kick in the head!

Mexicans shouted at the illegals to go home! Fights broke out and rocks were thrown but not at U.S. Border patrol, no... Mexians were throwing rocks at the migrants!

The army of illegals had originally planned to camp near the ocean in an upscale neighborhood however the rich were not having it. Mexican government officials swooped in and herded the illegals off the beach and out of the area. Most of the migrants ended up in a shelter. 

What's the lesson here? Do We the People need to go to our southern border and act like the Mexicans? Do we need to taunt the illegals until they return home?


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