Maher: Bridge The Politics Gap? Shut The F*** Up!

Courtesy of Grabien, Mediaite and HBO


I remember a time where the concept of secret ballots was still a real thing.

I remember a time when no matter what you thought politically you were always welcome at the dinner table during the holidays to enjoy fellowship and a good meal with friends and family.

I am all for an intelligent coherent conversation where civil adults can discuss the politics of the day.

But these are different times people!

Now I have to open up a can and take people to school when it comes to my beliefs when I get rolled up on!

It's a short walk over but you are limping back after we get done!

It is almost like people want to challenge Trump supporters to put them on the defensive.

Take Bill Maher's comments of "Shutting the F*** up" talking politics this holiday season.

I wish that was a possibility Bill! But when you have family and friends questioning who you are not only as a Trump supporter but as a rational human being for believing that this President is doing a good job that becomes a problem!

We are so polarized now that even if all parties know that a fight is going to happen they simply just want to poke the bear and get a reaction out of the other side.

Rational and civil and logical behavior can commence once the "holier than thou" thinking from the Left stops. Please grow some courage and stop the violent vitriol that is spewing out of your collective mouths.

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