Michelle Obama: Portrait Of A Pretender

Since Michelle Obama is doing the rounds promoting herself and bashing Trump and his wife, it's a good time to reflect on her performance.

Do remember that during a 9/11 ceremony in 2011, as bagpipers played and an honor guard respectfully folded an American flag, Michelle turned to her husband and said: "All this for a damn flag."

The media remake of Michelle Obama is nauseating. Her new book 'Becoming’, and her book tour are nauseating. She was an average first lady at best. What was her biggest accomplishment? Demonstrating - without a doubt - that children prefer chicken nuggets over salad bars.

The Left worshipped her as a fashion goddess with impeccable taste. I found her sleeveless frocks to be tacky and her taste in all things wanting. Hard as they tried to brainwash the masses, you can't put lipstick on a pig and make it sing opera. Michelle Obama is no pig but her piggish attitude for America was on full display for nine years and I resent the fact that she is now portraying herself as someone who has always loved this country.

"All this for a damn flag."

Don't ever forget she said that ladies and gentlemen. Michelle Obama enjoyed the trappings of the White House with no appreciation for the flag that flies over it.

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