The Democrats Have Nothing Of Substance To Say

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The Democrat Party desperately wants the attention of the American people. Their message is that Donald Trump is a terrible President and a deplorable human being and needs to be replaced with someone who "represents more of what the majority of what this country wants."

So let us go through some of the ideas the Democrats want but don't really have any leg to stand on when it comes to message.

1. They want to get rid of the Electoral College and go to popular vote.

Unfortunately the popular vote has never had a shred of influence over a Presidential Election because the Electoral College ensures that the country as a whole and not the most populated areas get to decide who the leader of the country is going to be. Also because we live in a representative Republic and NOT a Democracy mob majority rule does not win the day!

2. Healthcare for all is a staple of what they want to offer the country.

Too bad no one has a real system as to how to pay for it and how to make it sustainable and good care for everyone. The states can run healthcare without federal government oversight but the Democrats want this country to operate like Canada or European countries that make it so that healthcare is not privatized and not made to be competitive when it comes to care and cost. However when you make everything the same and it is mediocre at best when it comes to coverage the masses tend to reject what you shove down their throats and force them to buy with threat of fines. Yes the fines are gone but the stench of forcing a product that not everyone wants still rings true to the overlying message that there is not one solution to healthcare and should not be the government's job to oversee.

3. The tax cuts need to go to the middle class and not the corporations.

The reality of this is that the economy is booming with these tax cuts and unemployment is at all-time record lows right now. So I guess those tax breaks have really worked out haven't they? The job creators have to be able to operate successfully in order to keep the economy going to provide more jobs and more services. The middle class often need those services and jobs as a trickle-down effect to help contribute to the economy as a whole. Not providing these companies tax breaks halts that and once again trickles down to everyone else. Just because you do not see it in your paychecks does not mean it is not helping the system as a whole which is what it is designed to do. The corporations are the gate keepers for a reason.

So the message from the Democrats is simply that Trump is bad that life is unfair and that free things are good and having someone else pay for everything is the way to go. That sounds like broken dreams empty promises and a whole lot of hot air coming from one side of the aisle.

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