Obama Claims Trump Has "Mommy Issues"

Courtesy of Grabien and The Obama Foundation

The issue of global warming and climate change has been a divisive one at best and either side wants to refute the other completely.

Barack Obama wants you to know that if you don't agree with him on climate change and global warming being real then you are wrong and will be ridiculed forever.

He blamed President Donald Trump for thinking contrarily to him calling him, "confused, blind, and shrouded with hate, anger, racism and mommy issues."

So many things to unpack from a totally ridiculous statement but I will simply say that Barack claims to have "new tone" and "civility" when he blatantly called the President of The United States codependent of his mother.

How is this supposed to fix anything Barack?

Sure you got a small laugh from your drones in the crowd but you equated opinions on climate change to a psychological deficiency.

Take the advice of Henry Davis and "Sit yo ass down!"

No one needs to hear your insecurities about others and no one needs to see you bloviate about how you were the Chocolate Jesus and how Donald Trump is the worst incarnation of a man ever.

You are an embarrassment to yourself, to your party and to this country. 

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