Safety Tips For Cyber Monday

online shopping

(Phoenix, AZ) The owner of valley cybersecurity company, IT Synergy, has some tips to stay safe on Cyber Monday. Michael Cocanower says you should never click on links in emails. You should go directly to the seller's website to make your purchases. 

Don't be fooled by emails promising special deals or free items. Cocanower says if it sound too good to be true, it's probably a phishing scam. 

Be very careful about entering your credit card information in public locations. Using public wifi is risky. And it also gives hackers the opportunity to "shoulder surf" and capture your info as you type it in.

Make sure to track your packages and don't leave them sitting in front of your home. If you can't be there when the packages arrive consider making other delivery arrangements.

And before you enter any payment information into a website, make sure https:// is at the front of the website's address in your browser. You can also look for the Padlock symbol and a green background  on most browsers. That tells you the site is secure.

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