The Bigotry of Low Expectations: Migrant Parents

This is a tragic situation. We know how these people have been misled and manipulated. But I'm sorry, putting kids at risk of being pelted with tear gas should be grounds for losing them. Take time to talk to agents in the U.S. and in AZ who see abuse of migrants by coyotes on a daily basis.

It's funny how we expect parents to care for and protect their children in America. Keep your kid locked in your car while you run into the grocery store on a hot day and you might just be looking at some jail time, and rightfully so. Dragging your kid on a "caravan" across a foreign country, trade them to human smugglers, use them in the face of riot and protest and suddenly I'm supposed to have sympathy for you?

Stop the madness! 

Hey lefties, stop it with the bigotry of low expectations. One of the requirements for asylum should be good parenting. Dragging your kids to a border fence with the hopes of flinging them over so you can get in, is not good parenting and not my problem.

Go home!

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