Lib Gals on The View Snap When Hit With Truth Bomb

Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman came armed with facts on The View and shook the libs to their core on the hypocrisy of blaming Trump for using tear gas to repel migrants, while giving the Obama administration a complete pass for doing the same damn thing!

It gets better...

After a mild check on President Trump for his rhetoric, Huntsman dropped this bomb: "Over a period of four months in 2014 under the Obama years HHS allegedly placed a number of unaccompanied children into the hands of a ring of human traffickers, who forced them to work on egg farms in and around Ohio, leading to a federal and criminal indictment. According to the indictment the minor’s victims were forced to work six and seven hours a week, 12 hours per day. These are the things we don’t talk about."

Opps! That didn't go over so well!


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