Democrats Are Fractured Over Speaker Pelosi

Courtesy of Grabien and C-SPAN

Several House Democrats have made it very clear that they do not support Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker. But for now it is a reality that Pelosi will regain that seat as her nomination has now been established once again starting in 2019.

As Rep. Kathleen Rice in the video above explains, Pelosi supporters paid a steep price putting her back in the Speaker's seat and will do so in the 2020 elections.

Is this a true fracture within the Democrat Party?

Many would argue that this is indeed a crack in the foundation and one that has not been seen since the vote for Obamacare took place that saw several Democrats lose their jobs for that vote.

The Democrats claim to be more united than ever and yet their actual system is crumbling around them with different ideologies and now different views on leadership.

Get your popcorn ready because the show is just getting started!

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