Valley Pharmacist Sentenced

pills tablets capsules (KHQ stock image)

(Phoenix, AZ) A Valley pharmacist and a pharmacy technician are going to federal prison for filling fake prescriptions for high dosage opioids.  Federal prosecutors say that from 2014 to 2017, Vilawoe Boadu and Zinka Sisic used Scottsdale Health Pharmacy and V-Estrella Pharmacy to distribute oxycodone, hydrocodone and other drugs to two local musicians who distributed them to street dealers.  

Prosecutors say at the same time, those musicians recorded songs and music videos with such lyrics as "at the pharmacy pimping."  As part of the investigation, officials seized firearms and bank accounts.  The defendants were also forced to forfeit 650 pairs of designer shoes and 100-thousand dollars worth of jewelry.

Boadu and Sisic were both convicted of conspiring to distribute controlled substances and to launder money for drug trafficking.  Boadu is sentenced to ten years in prison.  Sisic got four years behind bars.

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