Lemon: "Weak" Trump Doesn't Have American Values

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Ever wonder why people like Don Lemon truly hate President Donald Trump?

The reason is that he represents the truest form of the apple cart being turned over within the media and the establishment that "controls" the narrative.

Donald Trump has done such a masterful job directing the narrative with facts that the media can only cling to their false reporting to try and tear down the White House.

The Mueller investigation has been going on for two years and has found nothing!

Michael Cohen claims to be dropping a "bombshell" that will incriminate Trump in all of his wrong-doings with Russia.

Don Lemon and other like him now say that Donald Trump does not stand for American values because he is too worried about what MIGHT happen in the Mueller case which still does not have a firm leg to stand on.

Have you checked unemployment or the economy or foreign relations or the Border or our trade deals lately? All of those are wins for President Trump.

But he is not THEIR choice for President and that is why they will do everything they can to undermine him.

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