The Arrogance Of The Obama Presidency

Courtesy of Grabien and CBS

I will never get over the fact that this country voted for Barack Obama to be the President of the United States of America TWICE.

I will also never comprehend how a country could vote in individuals who hated this country so much that they took it down a path completely contradictory to where it had been for hundreds of years.

But now I take issue with the simple fact that they believe that they "had to be perfect" in order to get things done for the betterment of the country.

They truly believe that they "saved" America with all of the programs geared towards a more socialistic approach to Government. They believe that they ruled from a mountain on high and looked down on all of their subjects and made America how they wanted to make it rather than make it all-around a better place nationally and globally.

It was THEIR agenda and THEIR right and THEIR place to dictate how things were going to be. They were king and queen overseeing the ruins of a society they helped burn to the ground.

The arrogance of Barack and Michelle Obama goes far beyond the 8 years they dragged this country into the abyss. Their arrogance transformed an entire party and half of this country into drones mobbing for approval and instant gratification to a system that will fail them. 

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