De Graaff: Criminal Offense To Question Migration

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

This proposal by the EU and by Marcel De Graaff is a bit jarring to me. The EU wants to criminalize words spoken against migration. Does this mean speaking out against the very concept gets you thrown in jail?

Is this something we in this country should fear at some point in the near future?

The Left always says Donald Trump wants to curtail free speech but he has done nothing of the sorts that De Graaff is proposing and if anything the Left would rather see someone be punished for speaking out against their values than anyone else!

Censoring speech that is contrary to the Government is a crime in itself!

There are many who have infiltrated our Government in the United States that thinks like the EU thinks.

Do you really want this SCARY proposition to become reality here!?

Once I again I reiterate we MUST call this out when we see it!

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