The "Humanitarian Crisis" Is A Farce For The Left

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Rep. Pramila Jayapal cries out to America to let this "humanitarian crisis" at the southern border cross in as quickly as possible without the proper vetting process.

Michelle Malkin from Fox News simply asks "Which oath of office did she take?"


When your record shows a radical slant towards every decision you make towards making the United States of America creep slowly into mass deterioration this is what you get!

This is not a humanitarian crisis this is a crisis of national security at the border.

These people have openly said they will rush the border in order to claim asylum after passing on asylum offered to them by Mexico.

We are not obligated to let anyone into this country without the proper vetting happening and we should not have to apologize for that no matter what emotional plea the Left has to offer.

Just think logically about these kinds of things and usually the answer ends up being right in front of you.

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