Down Goes Hart At The Oscars!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Here is a lesson to learn for everyone.

If you want to be famous and in the public spotlight--have nothing offensive or controversial on social media ever!

Kevin Hart had some homophobic tweets from 2009 and 2011 that caught the attention of the Oscars and LGBT Rights groups that put the host's job in jeopardy.

He chose to step down rather than apologize for the tweets sighting that he had been through this already and did not want to go through it again.

Were the tweets unacceptable? Yes.

Are there things on social media that have been posted that are much worse in nature? Yes.

But Kevin Hart is a celebrity and the public eye is always watching.

This culture that we find ourselves living in truly does define what has become acceptable.

If one person is offended we ALL should be offended. That has become the mantra that has been adopted and shoved in our faces as the new norm.

Kevin Hart is just another casualty of the hypersensitive and overreacting nature of the culture we have wrought upon ourselves and let seep into reality.

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