SNL Thinks They Are Funny...

Courtesy of Grabien and Saturday Night Live

The good old days of Saturday Night Live being relevant and funny have long since passed. They were apologists for the Obama administration and an attack prop against Donald Trump.

The latest came from the news about Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and the advancement of the Mueller investigation that has the Left VERY excited.

They have been excited enough to bring back Alec Baldwin to play as Trump and the return of Robert De Niro as Paul Manafort taking shots at the supposed "smoking gun" against Donald Trump that will get him impeached out of office.

The Left badly wants this to be the beginning of the end!

They have crying for two years about how the election and their promise of a better life was taken from them under Hillary Clinton or at the very least the status quo would be maintained from the Obama years.

SNL just wants you to believe that they have all the answers through their humor and their ideology.

All they offer is a slanted view of their own facts.

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