WATCH: Obama Sells Healthcare Unfiltered...

Courtesy of Grabien and Mediaite

Former President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation was the Affordable Care Act or what is commonly referred to as Obamacare.

He desperately wanted to get it passed and he desperately needed it to be successful to define his Presidency.

Eight years later and that program has fallen apart and along with basically getting nothing else done his Presidency has fallen flat.

Through the years he had several attempts at trying to help people get signed up for this massive boondoggle. Now he admits in his most recent video that it all was a bit too much.

Was it a bit too much to force people to buy a product that you yourself did not have to buy Mr. Obama? Did you force members of the government to buy said product that you fined the American people for NOT having?

How about telling us that healthcare for all was not sustainable under your plan and that the costs of doing so would necessarily sky rocket?

Much like every other liberal they have empty promises and try to bamboozle their constituents into thinking the program failed not their policy.

I yearn for the day that Obama gets out of the public spotlight once and for all but gifts like this are too hard to pass up on!

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