The Dems Won't Nominate A White Man in 2020

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The Democrat Party wants to be the party of inclusion and equality and justice for all and be the kaleidoscope of values for everyone. However they seem to want to stay away from one select group of people---white men.

They want the country to know that everyone is equal but that white men need to step aside and let others lead instead.

First of all how racist can you get!? Oh wait though...this is against white people so it is perfectly acceptable because many believe white people are the only ones capable of racism!

Second of all what if the best candidate for the job happens to be a white guy? Is that out of the realm of possibility? Maybe the candidates that are women and minorities are NOT the best people for the job.

No wait...that would be racist of me to even think that way right!?

The Left wants white guilt to run rampant and have white men feel bad for who they are based on the color of their skin and NOT the content of their character.

The true deplorables show their true colors don't they!?

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