Mika Apologizes For Her Homophobic Slur...

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

She was off the air for one day. Mika Brzezinski is so sorry for her homophobic slur against Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that she was off the air for one day and then apologized and the show just moved on.

Did she truly mean her apology? I guess no one will really know except for Mika herself.

I would have preferred having Mike Pompeo on their show in a live interview with a public apology but the Left protects their own in order to press forward with their duplicitous agenda.

Mika will probably blame Donald Trump for her words of hate. That will be a truly original concept for a media member to justify their behavior on Donald Trump...

Life will go on for networks like MSNBC who continually tell the American people what is the right and wrong thing while literally playing their audience like fools.

Perhaps practicing what you preach is the right call but that party took God out of their platform didn't they!?

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