Challenging Trump in 2020 is a mistake for the GOP

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The GOP has had some interesting ideas to say the least about how to handle Donald Trump since 2016.

The revelation about members in the party seeking out a primary against Donald Trump is not a new concept.

But it does not change the fact that it is a mistake.

The party does have a very distinct divide of Trump supporters and "Never Trumpers."

This has been quite the issue with candidates on both sides of that divide losing power and or their seat in Government by whichever side they are on.

But look what happened in 1992 if we can go back in history for just a moment.

George H.W. Bush was primaried in 1992 by Patrick Buchanan which led to heated opposition that Bush ended up surviving. But in surviving that primary it ultimately divided the party and helped Clinton defeat Bush to become the President.

What the GOP is saying is that they would rather have a Democrat in power than their own party in power. Notice I did not say they wanted a moderate over a conservative I clearly said that the GOP would rather not be have power in the office of the Presidency.

Take heed to this warning! Donald Trump is the leader of the party and needs our support in 2020! A primary will only weaken the party even further. Why must we play games with ourselves when the Democrats are staunchly against us all the time!?

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