Democrats Don't Really Want Universal Healthcare

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

The Democrat Party fights tooth and nail for a concept called universal healthcare. They want to help provide coverage for every American in the country so that everyone has access to the same care.

When Obamacare was introduced passed and signed by Barack Obama what happened to people getting their health coverage?

The website was a joke and hindered the process into a confusing mess. Then individuals were fined if they did not have the coverage the government mandated that they have under their plan.

After that it was revealed that members of the government did NOT sign up for Obamacare as they had their own private and better healthcare coverage that they obviously wanted to keep.

And what kind of care did those that signed up for Obamacare get? Mundane backlogged and barely sustainable care from inexperienced doctors who did not want to work under strict conditions became the result and the reality.

Many in the field left work knowing that their work was being subsidized and watered down the entire industry.

Finally what plan does anyone have as to how to pay for universal healthcare for EVERYONE including all of the illegals living in this country who do not pay taxes?

No answers as usual! The concept is a pipe dream because there is no true way to pay for it even with taxing the richest of the rich. It will never be enough as Democrats want to continually take your money to throw at a problem that cannot be fixed so easily.

What happened to free enterprise? What happened to healthy competition? The answer is that the government wants to be the only game in town. That is the truest form of oppression there is!

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