Sykes: Trump Visiting Troops In Iraq Was Shameful

Courtesy of Grabien and MSNBC

President Trump made a surprise visit to Iraq to see the troops stationed there. Most of the country agreed that making the gesture to go there was a great move. However the Left, as they always do, found something to pick at that visit when it came to Trump's behavior.

Never Trumpers like Charlie Sykes come on to these shows and spout off about how Trump is ruining our country and making things worse for everybody at every turn with everything he does.

Sykes said, "This was particularly shameful and the President could have shown leadership rather than turn it into a campaign rally."

He also noted that President Trump, "insulted our country and our troops," by going over there as he did.

I got a newsflash for people like Charlie Sykes---Trump going there and supporting our troops is about as good as it gets. He went there to see our men and women who defend our country and keep it free from tyranny and injustice across the globe.

Trump haters will not even let him get a victory for our own troops and says he insults the fabric of our country and the people who defend it.

Did you see those military troops cheering and overall happy to see our President? YES THEY DID!

He has their back and does not try to undermine him at every turn when he is doing what he does best---LOVE AMERICA.

Just because you do not love America does not mean you get to spew your garbage on all the people who DO love it.

This is a win for Trump and a win for America. Keep your petty displeasure of Trump for your binge sessions of SNL or while visiting a run-down comedy club who get cheap pops for Trump hate.

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