Diversity Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Courtesy of mrctv and CNN

You wanted diversity in Government America? You got more of it in 2018.

The Left and the media are praising the efforts of the American people to "better represent America" by having more diversity in government leadership.

While that is all well and fine was this the best course of action?

In the video above the term "baby steps" was used to describe the movement that happened in 2018.

More women, more minorities and less white guys.

Instead of simply saying we voted for the best candidates that happen to be diverse the message is that white guys got ousted and more non-white men are elected officials.

So is the goal to have no white males in positions of power in government?

Sounds like we have an agenda on our hands and they are not hiding it at all.

Leave it to the white men who feel guilty to just let people walk all over them and allow this overt messaging wash over them.

I am all for the best people, no matter who they are, running this country. Just please do not tell me that white men are the problem and that that problem will not be fixed until they are put in their place.

It is disgusting rhetoric that is tolerated by a lot of people!

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