Network News: Walls Bad! Illegal Immigration Good!

From News Busters:

Broadcast news networks have vocally opposed the President’s border wall since he first discussed the idea during the 2016 election. While the proposed wall has returned to the spotlight, thanks to the ongoing government shutdown, the media’s hostility towards it is nothing new.

This is how you know that the media is nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party. (Or is it vice versa?) They never discuss the fact that Democrats once supported border security and were against "illegal immigration." The Democrat Party and the "news" media in America are lopsided in their coverage of the border issue. Cleary they are opposed to America security. The President and "We The People" have an up hill battle but we must win! Our way of life is at stake.

To see the network media’s years-long crusade against a border wall, watch the video below:

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