Keep Talking Lefties! Self-Destruction Is Coming!

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Leave it to the Left to consistently dig their own hole of futility when it comes to the words they speak freely.

Republicans can mostly sit back and let the Democrats and Never Trumpers talk themselves into trouble and into "sound bite" moments that can be used against them forever.

Alexandra Pelosi talking about her mother Nancy, "Cutting someone's head off," while Rep. Hank Johnson comparing Trump to Hitler and actress Jane Curtain wishing that the Republican Party dies are just a few of the many examples shown by the Left of their double speak and double standards against the GOP.

The argument that this is a product of Donald Trump is a foolhardy excuse to continue the rhetoric that the Left has already been using for decades.

They believe they have the moral high ground and they believe that they will save us from Donald Trump.

When in actuality they only want to put you under their thumb and tell you how to live your life under their tyranny. 

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