The Left Turns To Snoop Dogg To Bash Trump

Courtesy of Grabien, and Instagram


Who should we ask on the severity of the Government Shutdown and the current state of our country right now? Your first answer was probably not rapper Snoop Dogg was it?

When in doubt the Left will use celebrities and their "influence" to get their agenda and their rhetoric out to more people.

Several people in America trust celebrities implicitly and it truly just shows a lack of any accountability.

And what happened to "new tone" and replacing hate speech with love and transparency?

The Left being hypocritical is a broken record and nothing Snoop Dogg says politically should be taken seriously at all.

Sadly though people will see this and be excited that another celebrity is bashing Trump and trying to convince people to vote against him and all of the successes and good things he has brought to this country.

Please pray for Donald Trump but also pray for ignorance on display that Snoop Dogg and countless others spew upon the world.

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