MSNBC Freaks Out Over Media Providing Platform

Holy equal time, Batman!

Democrats are demanding equal airtime from the media to respond to President Trump’s upcoming White House address on immigration. 

Equal time do refute the President's national address... Wow! 

The call came “after networks were criticized for airing the President’s address in the first place,” said NBC News Senior Media Reporter Dylan Byers

“what the White House has done here is put the broadcast networks in a really, really impossible position.” Byers warned. He continued,

"...if you go ahead and you air Trump’s address, as they’re planning to do, you anger all of those, you know, Obama supporters and Trump critics, and you also run the risk of effectively – of serving as a platform for the President’s lies and propaganda."

Run the risk of upsetting Obama supporters? Haaaaaaaa Hahahahahaha! WOW! The media truly has not excepted the fact that Obama is no longer President and that elections have consequences! 


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