Woman Calls Airport Employee "Rapist"

Courtesy of Grabien and The New York Times

I know we all fall on tough times every once in a while, and feel as if we need to have public outbursts to release some frustration.

However, in the video above the woman calls an employee at the Ft. Lauderdale airport a "rapist" and claims to have a gun because she is "hopeless."

My first reaction to watching this video was to ask the simple question of, "What is this woman incensed about?"

My second question is, "What would cause someone to go to extreme lengths of accusing someone of rape and having a loaded firearm in an airport?"

My third question is, "Why did no one react to a woman screaming at an airport?"

The reaction that was given by surrounding airport patrons was that this kind of behavior has happened before!?

And finally, the woman went from full blown rage to calmly walking down the terminal in the airport as if nothing had happened and went about the rest of her day!?

Too many questions and too many answers I probably do not care about!

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