Acosta Proves Trump's Point At Border

Courtesy of Grabien and Twitter

Jim Acosta has made himself look foolish on a number of occasions trying to discredit and simply bash President Donald Trump any chance he can.

From his tirade during a press conference that got his press pass removed, which he later got back, to the continuing rhetoric that spews out of the questions he asks Jim Acosta is not a very well-liked journalist.

His latest attack on Trump comes from his visit at the Border in the video above.

He demonstrates how the current state of the Border with steel slats is not very conducive to proper security.

The reason why there are no illegals there is because we can see them through the slats! 

Acosta is making Trump's point valid that we need and deserve better at the Border.

This is once again a fleeting attempt at creating a "tranquil" environment to cover up the real issue.

Democrats and their supporters are great at manufacturing their own facts. This is one of many exhibits of this behavior.

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