CNN Only Wants You To Agree With Them

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Ever wanted to prove to someone that CNN has become highly disreputable?

CNN refused to have a San Diego reporter on their airwaves because he was pro-Trump on the situation!?

I realize that this is not a surprise to a lot of people that CNN wants to control their own narrative to the point of leaving out facts. But this is a network refusing to get on-the-ground reporting from San Diego which experiences these things first hand way more accurately than those sitting on the east coast.


I would expect CNN to want to get the facts from a source close by and THEN put their own bias because that is what they do.

So if you want to get a story out and are considering CNN as a source to tell it to---just remember that they really do not care about the facts---they only care about how those facts benefit them and their narrative.

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