The Border Wall Is Not Racist

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

If you ask a Democrat to explain why they think supporters of the Wall are racist their answers seem to vary.

Is it because America should welcome anyone and everyone and THAT makes the Wall racist?

Is it because we must let people seeking asylum go in unchecked because THEY are in a crisis and THAT makes it racist?

Or is it because the illegal immigrants trying to come into our country are not white and THAT makes it racist?

You cannot win with these people. They are going to think you are racist no matter what you believe the Wall is good for.

Treat Democrats like the brick wall that they are and simply go about your business knowing that protecting and securing our border and our legal citizens is the best thing to believe in.

It is a tired argument that the Left uses to leverage themselves in an argument---do not let them propagate their dreck onto your belief system.

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