Arizona Ranchers Invite Pelosi to See Border Fence

If you are a regular listener to The Conservative Circus you are family with Ranchers John Ladd and Fred Davis. A few years ago they made a video for Nancy Pelosi. The video has resurfaced and is making the rounds in viral fashion.

These ranchers, whose families have lived on the border for generations, have visited the Capitol over the years to bring attention to the plight of the ranchers. They are also appeared at the Hold Their Feet to the Fire radio row in D.C. put on by F.A.I.R. (Federation for Immigration Reform.) In this video they tell Pelosi, “Your $2 million dollar a mile fence is trash.”

The video concludes with rancher Chris Bergard telling Pelosi, “Anyone who tells you the border is secure is full of crap.”

In the video you see a portion of the border fence that is little more than barbed wire. The Democrats position on this issue is ludicrous. 

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