Mika Tells US Enemies: "Now's the Moment to act."

On today's Morning Mika Brzezinski made a statement that can be seen as giving advice [unintentionally, one would hope] to America's enemies, encouraging them to seize the current moment to act against us because of the weakness of President Trump.

JEFFREY GOLDBERG: Adversaries right now might look at us and say, we don't know what the hell they're going to do because this President is completely unpredictable. Their intelligence agencies are trying to analyze our moves, and can't understand them . . . 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: I would take it a step further and worry we look weak, and that this is the moment that anybody with ill will has to act, or to get further than they have been able to get in the past, as it pertains to us on the national stage. 

Mika once said that it was her job to tell us what to think. I think this woman has let Trump Derangement Syndrome turn her into a traitor.

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