Anonymous Twitter Guy Out Reports Jim Acosta

Daily Caller:

An anonymous Twitter user absolutely dismembered the border diary of CNN’s Jim Acosta. Acosta, for his part, spent Thursday filing short video diaries from McAllen, Texas.

He was instantly panned for proving the Presidents point. However, when Acosta filmed his Last video of the day, he stepped in it. " Found a beautiful spot on the Rio Grande where there is no wall. No fence. Just the river. Oh and there’s shuffleboard."

For a Twitter user going by the handle “Techno Fog,” enough was enough. Either Acosta didn’t know, or he chose not to say, that the waterfront town he was reporting from is basically a Border Patrol firm base with a geographically advantageous position. 

Haaaaaaaa Hahahahahahahaha!

Acosta was supposed to be reporting but it appears as if he went down to Texas to advocate for a specific agenda.

Click on Techno Fog's Twitter below and read the greatest fact check smack down at all time!

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