CNN's Violent Rhetoric Continues

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Leave it to CNN to say something outlandish and hope it gets swept under the rug.

CNN's John Avlon during a discussion about President Donald Trump and the Border Wall insinuated that Ann Coulter speaks from the depths of Hell.

The mere suggestion of it would be construed as violent rhetoric if the other side of the aisle even made mention of it.

But alas this is the Left and the mainstream media. They think they control the narrative and the messaging and what you are "supposed to think."

This is merely another brazen attempt to get a cheap jab against anyone who is pro-Trump.

What would happen if someone had said, "Michelle Obama speaks from Hell when she addresses the nation and while she blindly defends her husband Barack."

The media and his supporters would go apoplectic and demand an apology.

Double standards are all they live by so just expect it and move on from these types of petty remarks.

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