Ocasio-Cortez Brings Danger To Finance Committee

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox Business

Want to have a scary thought be put into your mind?

Imagine a socialist having direct access to the House Financial Services Committee.

Now imagine this socialist going after Wall Street to try and tax them into giving free things to the American people.

Now realize that this is a reality!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been placed on this committee and wants to tax Wall Street to pay for free college for everyone...

Does she not realize that big banks and big business are not the only players on Wall Street?

Does she not realize that several small businesses are going to be lumped into being taxed on their trades to fund an idea that would be forced upon them?

Her ideas are not only dangerous but they are irresponsible.

However those that are not affected by these types of taxes may see this as a step forward to get handouts from the collective pool.

Last I checked this is not the way this country works.

What happened to working hard and earning scholarships to go to school? What happened to saving and paying for it yourself? What happened to getting a job and studying as you go to get a degree? What happened to trade schools to educate those into fields of work?

Ocasio-Cortez does not care about you or anyone else but herself much like most Democrats.

All they care about is the money and how it directly impacts their campaign and their lofty and bogus ideas.

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