WATCH: PETA Uses Vegetables For Virility

Courtesy of Grabien and PETA

On the heels of Gillette's new "Toxic Masculinity" ad, PETA has decided to join the fray and demonstrate how traditional masculinity is dead and how eating vegetables is linked to virility.

The ad above shows men being shown with vegetables replacing their private parts and walking around as if this is their new norm.

So we now have another disturbing ad that drives home the message that men are not good enough as they are and they must be changed and they must evolve into something 180 degrees away from what they are.

This looks like propaganda to me and if we are calling it like we see it this feels like the continuing of the assault on men. The invasion of what makes men who they are must be destroyed and molded into what we want!

PETA is as usual pathetic in everything they do.

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