Pelosi: The Wall Is A Luxury We Can't Afford

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

The Democrats love to use other people's money when it suits their agenda. This is not breaking news.

Nor is it breaking news when they do not want to spend money when it comes to an idea or policy or part of an agenda they do not believe in.

However when Nancy Pelosi states that the Border Wall is a luxury this country cannot afford it really rubbed me the wrong way!

How can you sit up there preaching about how you are for border security and safety but merely worry about the shutdown and getting a stronghold back in the ongoing argument.

How can you say that money is being wasted on this project when several social projects have been funded that are being wasted and abused every day?

Are you complaining about the money being spent on illegal immigrants or entitlements or forced and poor healthcare?

They want to make it seem as if they passed a budget in the 8 years of Obama and held themselves accountable for the money they wasted for years. What a load of garbage being spewed out by Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats.

We have money for the Wall. We have money for border security. We have the money to make our borders secure. The fact is you really don't care because you want open borders and will do anything you can to make that a reality.

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