Media Misfires On Debunked BuzzFeed Bombshell

Courtesy of Grabien, CNN, MSNBC,CBS and ABC

The day had finally come for Democrats and the mainstream media and anyone who hates President Donald Trump and wanted to see the fall of his Presidency happen on national TV.

BuzzFeed reported a story that described how Michael Cohen and "several sources" could piece together indisputable proof that Donald Trump conducted criminal activity and that articles of impeachment were close to being a reality.

This monumental accusation would quickly be debunked mere hours later by Robert Mueller.

HA HA HA!!!!!

Trump Derangement Syndrome has now caused people to simply hope and wish about negative news about Trump being credible to swerve the American people into thinking he committed impeachable offenses!

Reporting on unverified sources along with stating that these stories are indeed fact is some of the lowest forms of journalism we have ever seen!

Just because networks float "impeachment" at a nauseating rate to its viewers does not mean it is true. In fact it is irresponsible and wrong to trick people into believing your lies about any story and in particular the President of the United States!

You wanted a reaction out of this whole debacle? The reaction is that Donald Trump has been right all along when it comes to this kind of reporting.....FAKE NEWS!

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