Mueller Is A Proven Failure

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

Robert Mueller has been investigating President Donald Trump for over two years.

He has claimed to have pieces of evidence and witnesses to prove that Trump not only colluded with the Russians but also cheated to win the 2016 Election, violated campaign finance laws, took bribes, gave bribes and undermined the office of the Presidency.

From Comey and Manafort and Cohen to everyone else in between the bodies seemed to be stacking against President Trump.

The latest was the public raid and subsequent arrest of Roger Stone to put the nail in the coffin for the investigation for Mueller to finally take down Trump.

But that is just it---the final nail is never going to come. The nails have not even been in place and the coffin itself has been shipped back for recall because it does not fit the crimes that Trump is being accused of!

Robert Mueller's failure is complete.

His odyssey to try and take down a President needs to come to an end. He has nothing and it is time for the American people to realize that Trump won and that there was no collusion.

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