Trump Is Getting The Wall

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

President Trump felt as if he needed to end the Government shutdown for the greater good. The media and the Democrats will bash him incessantly due to the fact that this could have been the decision he made weeks ago. They will say he unnecessarily took money out of Federal employees' pockets to make a point. He gave in and got no more money for the Border Wall.

However the Democrats said that Trump we reopen the Government in order for there to be negotiations only for Pelosi and Schumer to halt any negotiations and stand firm on their position to NOT offer any compromise or funding towards the Border Wall.

This is the opening the President needs in order to call out the blatant duplicity of the Left. He reopened the Government for three weeks to help facilitate negotiations. If nothing is done by February 15th the Government can shut down again or Trump has threatened to use the National Emergency card to get the Wall started.

The art of deal making is Trump's specialty and for the supporters of Donald Trump it may sting for a moment but he has proven that he is willing to do whatever necessary to complete his agenda.

The clock is ticking on the Democrats and one way or another he is getting the Wall for the American people.

His "cave" proves that he loves this country and the people that live in it more than he hates Pelosi and Schumer. Can they say the same thing? No they do not! They do not care about the American people or this country unless it is THEIR country and THEIR rules and THEIR policies and THEIR iron fist that rules it.

This is what Democrats want to represent?  

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