MAGA Hats Keep Triggering The Left

Courtesy of Grabien and Fox News

The Left sure does hate Donald Trump.

The Make America Great Again hats have become a symbol of racism, sexism, bigotry and akin to the white hoods that the KKK wears.

Being triggered by the MAGA hats is a choice that the Left has made. To them it means everything wrong in the world and it means that you get labeled a certain way when you put on that hat.

The Left needs to take a look in the mirror when it comes to the KKK and slavery and racism and sexism and bigotry.

It is the DEMOCRAT Party that embraced all of these principles and wants to make everyone forget that they are the party of intolerance and sexism and racism and bigotry.

We cannot let them drive the narrative that they have the moral high ground and are the party of acceptance and good will.

If they did their own research and held themselves accountable for anything these types of fights would not happen.

People who wear MAGA hats can be called any name in the book because they will know that they stand for freedom while their detractors stand for division.

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