What In The Hell Is Going On In Virginia?

From Western Journal:


So here is where we are in the black face controvesy: Last week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam all but endorsed infanticide. A day later, he doubled down on his comments. In a sane world, that alone should have ended his career. However, we are not living in sane times.

Soon after his infanticide scandal broke, the now-infamous photo from his 1984 medical school yearbook surfaced. Even by 1984 standards, it was wildly racist. It would have taken a spectacular amount of poor judgment to put something that awful on your page. So, he apologized for “the behavior” in his past.

The next day – about 15 hours after his initial statement – he decided it wasn’t him. He refused to resign, and his office began contacting old classmates in an effort to “jog their memory” about who might actually be in the picture. Northam just couldn’t figure out how such a terrible photo, one for which he’d already apologized, ended up in his yearbook.

Last night, things got even crazier in the Old Dominion. Justin Fairfax has been hit with allegations of sexual assault , stemming from an incident that supposedly took place at the 2004 Democratic National Convention!

Holy Me Too, Batman!

If the allegations are true, and they manage to stick, Virginia Democrats would be saddled with an equally damaged figure. If Fairfax was forced to step down, he’d be replaced by wait for it... WAIT FOR IT... a Republican! Haaaa Hahahahaha! That is something Dems are obviously going to fight tooth and nail.

Got the popcorn and tune into The Conservative Circus!

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