Bernie Sanders Fakes Phone Call To Avoid Fairfax Questions

Courtesy of Grabien and The Daily Caller

Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democrats want you to believe that they stand on the moral high ground when it comes to decency and inclusion. They will also launch an all-out attack on those who stand against what they stand for as a platform.

Governor Ralph Northam is their current point of attack after a photo surfaced in a yearbook of his demonstrating blatant racism and that he cannot govern in the state of Virginia anymore because of this.

However Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax also had allegations from 2004 citing a sexual assault charge that was now brought to light. Where are the Democrats on this topic!? SILENT!

In the video above it shows how afraid the Democrats are when it comes to their own hypocrisy and their own disregard towards a system they vow to not break. How can a party disavow Northam while saying nothing on Fairfax?

The Fairfax accusation does not fit their narrative while the Northam one does.

Their predictability on these issues is becoming nauseating and that is why it will be called out and attacked!

And as for Bernie Sanders...he has got to get better excuses for avoiding pertinent questions on relevant topics. You would think that perhaps staying in office for as long as he has already gives him some practice on that front...or maybe not.

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