Pelosi and Schumer Want To Be Important To America

Courtesy of Grabien and Mediaite

It is sad to see politicians try and be more important than they really are to the American people. These elected officials will do anything and everything to be "hip and cool" that they want to make a political statement during a show after the Super Bowl.

Stephen Colbert brought them on to make a cameo appearance in a skit leading up to a special Sunday edition of his show and of course put a political stance on it.

This is not a surprise to those of us who see right through what is really going on here.

The Democrats and the media like each other and want to use each other for mutual benefit. They do not want to help the American people do much of anything except walk in lock step behind their agenda and their propaganda.

That is all this skit is really about---making sure you know that they "stand with you in the struggle."

These sad attempts at becoming more popular or relevant just show how lackluster they really are as supposed leaders of this country.

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