The Media Never Learns From Their Mistakes

Courtesy of Grabien and CNN

Why am I not surprised that the predominantly Left-leaning media decided that Jussie Smollett's story was credible and must be true? Well let's start with the notion that this would bring serious negative publicity for Donald Trump. So right there they are already interested in the story. Then throw in that Smollett accused white men wearing MAGA hats and the story could not be printed fast enough.

However as the days went on and the story changed and the information became more clear Smollett has turned out to be a liar and a phony for his claims of a hate crime committed against him.

Once again news was reported without all of the facts and was deemed as part of this non-existent epidemic of systemic racism being perpetrated by President Donald Trump. This has happened time after time, story after story, week after week and month after month during the Trump administration.

Trump will never be good enough for anything he does and every negative thing that can be posted about him will be exploited and taken advantage of and twisted to fit a narrative that is completely manufactured.

Does this mean the media will actually learn their lesson and do their due diligence to get their information for their stories right? NOPE.

They will go on cycling out more fake news to try and break down President Trump. I laugh because I refuse to shed any tears for how duplicitous hypocritical and nonsensical our media has become. Shame on you for lying to the American people and propping up your mantle of disingenuous reporting.

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